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What is ANIMAL RAID’s purpose?
Mainstream media isn’t telling the public what is going on with our companion animals. People share their homes and their lives with companion animals therefore society has a right to know what is going on, particularly with our dogs. Increasing numbers of dogs are being stolen from their own yards, either to be smuggled across the border into neighbouring African countries to dog fighting syndicates, or these stolen dogs are being used as bait dogs or fighting dogs in South Africa’s own sordid dog fighting industry. In 2014 over 4000 cases of animal theft was reported across the country. 

The official number in that year was estimated to be much higher because many cases of animal theft went unreported. In 2015 the number of animal theft cases increased and in 2016 it continues to escalate. Innocent animals are being stolen out of their yards and ripped away from their loving families to either be smuggled across the border, or they are being used in South Africa's dog fighting industry - all these animals meet equally horrific ends. This continues to happen everyday but none of this is made public so people are not aware of it.
ANIMAL RAID is the voice for the voiceless. Animals cannot speak so we will speak for them. 

The ANIMAL RAID team are defenders of 
voiceless, helpless animal victims and applies 
a zero tolerance policy when it comes 
to animal abuse and cruelty.
Dog fighting is a serious problem in society, which affects more than just the animal victims involved; this bloodsport encourages illegal gambling with bets of up to R500K being placed on fighting dogs in the more established syndicates. This industry also fuels the demand for illegal/backyard breeders to breed more dogs for fighting, while apathetic dog owners, who are fueled by greed, train their dogs to become vicious fighters. Innocent cats and dogs are being stolen from their homes, obtained from “free to a good home” adverts, or sourced illegally from shelters - these animals are thereafter either used as bait animals or they are trained to become fighting dogs. ANIMAL RAID was put together to go after dog fighters, unscrupulous dog breeders and any other animal abusers.

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